Refund Policy for Premium Plans

When purchasing a subscription, you can cancel your premium plan at any time to prevent it from being automatically renewed. After cancellation, your subscription can still be used until it expires.


Refund Policy Details

  • Refund requests have to be submitted within 3 DAYS after the day of receipt AND we ONLY issue refunds for the following cases:

  1. You already canceled the auto-renewal of your subscription but you are still charged for that subscription in the next cycle.

  2. Your subscription is activated but you have to encounter difficulties while watching: freezing, lags, or not working and you encounter this case 3 times or more and we do not promptly and thoroughly solve it for you. (Please provide us with the evidence and additional information right at the time of the error. If you do not have proof then we will not accept refund requests under any circumstances or any reason.)

  • If you cannot access your subscription after payment, i.e. can not login or encounter pop-ups while watching, this may be because you have logged in using a different email from the email you used to make payments. In this case, we will assist you to find the right login email and you are NOT eligible for a refund. 

  • In the event that we do issue a refund, your access to the Service(s) will be revoked.

  • Refunds usually take 5~7 workdays to take place and it’s not in our hands to reduce this period. Our payment processors will take care of refund requests. We will refund any users immediately after seeing the request and checking user information.

  • We are not responsible for any bank charges, commissions or overdrafts. The only way to remove these charges is through direct negotiation with your bank.

  • If you consider your situation to be a special circumstance then please send the refund request to our support mail and we shall consider your individual request. (Please provide us with the evidence and additional information right at the time of the error.)

By purchasing, you accept the Terms of Service and acknowledge reading the Privacy Policy. You also agree to our Refund Policy and Auto renewal of your subscription, which can be disabled at any time through your account. Your card details will be saved for future purchases and subscription renewals.